The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism

Wermod & Wermod

15 junio 2017

The first English translation has just been published.

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This first translation of The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism, sees the light of day after long, steadfast, and arduous work.

Innumerable were the communica­tions between Chile and the United Kingdom in the effort finally to make it a whole con­sistent with the spirit with which its author con­ceived it.

What responsibility it is to dedicate oneself to the trans­lation of Miguel Serrano’s work!

Because his prose possesses an ingredient that makes it unique: he wrote from soul to another, helping to feel, to apperceive in his precise words their pro­found meaning. And thus causing to resonate the greatest and most recon­dite profundities of Man. It was his peculiar method of sharing his own adven­ture, his tireless search, inside and outside of him­self. And with each of the discoveries with which at each step he surprised himself and of the attain­ments he gradually reached.

Thus was, thus lived, thus wrote Miguel Serrano from the time of his youth. And never pretending to be more than a man, but a total one—yes, it’s true—an absolute one, maximally developing the potenti­alities and attributes of his own incarnation.

For this reason, despite knowing that his cultural bag­gage comprised both the West and the East, it would not be apposite to search for erudition in his works, or to analyse them rationally and solely from the intellect, given that all that he expresses in them is pervaded by the profound and symbolic sense that characterised his existence.

With this view, those of us who enjoyed the privi­lege of knowing him and sharing with him his bat­tles, quests, and adventures have, always and un­conditionally, supported and collaborated with Mr Alex Kurtagic, who is today deliv­ering this work to the Anglophone world, in spite of the grave and dif­ficult circumstances he’s had to face in recent years.

I would like here not only to underline his honest and selfless attitude as editor and translator, but also the exem­plary respect and generosity with which he has behaved from the beginning, in con­trast with the high-handedness displayed by other editors and translators who have illegal­ly published works by Miguel Serrano with neither any kind of authorisation nor approval of their respective trans­lations, which brings into question their qual­ity and fidelity to the original Spanish text.

As the sole person in charge of Miguel Serrano’s literary estate, it is my duty here to warn readers concerning this deplorable situation so that they may be able to distinguish and choose always the legitimate text.

Diaphanous, clear, direct, and luminous is the work of Miguel Serrano; it does not require inter­preters for its res­onance. For this reason, it has no relation to the sectarian, subtle, and obscure appro­priations of those who use it, who knows with what twisted intentions, because it constitutes, in addi­tion, an independent œuvre, which has been spawned by a pure and free spirit, and which cannot be ex­ploited without denaturing and perverting the uniqueness of its creation. Such attitudes can be taken by those who, through being on its antipodes, know nothing about true National Socialism.

Thus remembering Miguel Serrano is the man­ner in which this first English edition of The Golden Thread: Eso­teric Hitlerism begins a new phase in the dissemination of his seminal work, paying him homage on the centennial of his birth.

Foreword by Sabela P. Quintela.


(Translation by Alex Kurtagic.)