With Ezra Pound


Pound in Venice.
15 junio 2017

A fragment from the first English translation of El cordón dorado, hitlerismo esotérico.

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Years ago, in Venice, before that stone statue that never spoke—there was a time when rocks spoke—I began run­ning off words upon words, and, among other things, I said, ‘In another seven hundred years the laurel will flower once more. Be happy, in another seven hundred years you will lose again . . .’

I knew Ezra Pound was a follower of the god of the van­quished in this world, in the dark Iron period, called Kali-Yuga by the Hindus. He was also an acolyte of the mis­treated and discredited Lucifer; perhaps, without knowing it, also of the Cathars’ Lucibel, of Apollo, Abraxas, Krishna, Shiva, and also Quenos, of the Selk’man people; the bring­er, or Announcer of Light, of the Morning Star, which an­nounces the arrival of the new sun and which later retires, awaiting a more noble, purer world, where heroes and gi­ants went.

I began narrating to Pound my pilgrimage to Montségur, and I talked to him about the Maladeta mountain range, where Bertran de Born, a troubadour Pound loved and translated, allowed himself to freeze to death, as we are told by Otto Rahn in his book Lucifer’s Court. It was at that point that the rock made a gesture, and was enveloped by a light of joy. The reason is that Ezra Pound had climbed Montségur. He was also a heretic and a warrior.

I had an idea, somewhat like a secret that was then re­vealed to me: Ezra Pound was affiliated to a Luciferian tra­dition that dated back to the origins. Through his hands, without him being entirely aware of the event, passed the Golden Thread of that virile and warrior tradition. Pound’s interest, in his youth, for the Poem of the Cid, for the Song of Roland, for Parzival, for the songs and civilisation of the troubadours of Languedoc, made of him a representative in our time of those who fought for a world not based on usu­ry, in the same manner that the Templars once fought to establish the bases for a more just and spiritual economic system. Had this attempt not been prematurely destroyed, it could have caused the earth in the Age of Pisces to devel­op very differently, in a different direction, rediscovering a spiritualised science, capable of transfiguring the earth without destroying it in the cataclysm one can see coming as a result of a gross, mechanistic technology, tangled in the satanic wheels of usury and the consumer society, of rationalism and the collectivist materialism of the universe of the masses.

During the Second World War Ezra Pound backed Ital­ian Fascism and German Nazism, believing he saw in them a social economic system not based on usury, and also with a different technology and science; an organism that found its metaphysical roots in a purified and vital Earth. Now, it is known, because there are documents to prove it, that the Hitlerist organisation of the SS (SS is an abbreviation of the German word Schutzstaffel, meaning Protection Squadron or defence corps) was inspired by the Templar Order. Its secret leadership echelons had a kind of esoteric initiation, as well as various centres of instruction in castles distribut­ed throughout different regions, in the manner of Templar Gendarmeries. The SS aspired to build cities in the con­fines of Europe, in the Caucasus, in the Rochelle, in the French south, and possibly on Montségur once the war was over, freeing them from taxes and where money would have no value and commerce would constitute a spiritual link, as in Antiquity. Ignorance is feigned today of the new, or rather very old, social and economic system that both Fascism and Nazism attempted to establish, and it is ten­dentiously branded as fascist any non-Marxist authoritari­an régime or dictatorship that enthrones itself in power an­ywhere on Earth.

For these kinds of reasons, Ezra Pound took the side of Italy and Germany during the great war, and against his own country of birth, which he regarded as emblematic of the opposite, of an economy, a science, a system of life based on Usury, as he himself said. Ezra Pound lost, and was locked up in an iron cage, in Pisa, like feral beast, and was kept exposed to the elements, to the cold and the sun. Later he was taken to an insane asylum in the United States of America, where he remained thirteen years, the best ones in the life of a man. That was done to the greatest poet of his time, who made Joyce known, who helped Eliot write, who translated Confucius and interpreted I Ching! The same was done in Norway, and for identical reasons, with Knut Hamsun. Also his Guide, the loser in a war be­tween extraterrestrials, was tortured, slandered, and, final­ly, chained in the ice of the North Pole, where he would one day cause Ultima Thule to flourish. The vanquished are thus transformed into legendary historical demons; so is Ravana, vanquished by Rama; so is Luzbel.

If Ezra Pound erred, good! Plato said ‘All great things are built on danger’; and Heidegger, ‘He who thought on a large scale, must have erred on a large scale’.

(Translation by Alex Kurtagic.)